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Using a trucking service to transport sand, dirt, gravel, or debris can save you both time and money. They are adept at lifting heavy items and can get you to your destination faster. Depending on your location, you may also have access to free dump days from your local county landfill.

When hiring a hauler, you can expect a variety of price points. For example, one cubic yard of gravel can weigh in at around 1.5 tons. You’ll also have to pay for fuel and maintenance. You should also consider the cost of the labor required to move the debris from point A to point B. If you’re a business owner or property manager, you’ll want to find a hauler who offers reliable services and reasonable rates. A good way to do this is to ask questions about their business practices.

You should also take the time to ask them how many trucks they use on a regular basis and what kind of drivers they hire. A large fleet could mean more drivers and a higher price tag. Alternatively, you can look for a smaller trucking company with a more personalized approach. You may even be able to negotiate a flat rate for the duration of the job. When considering a new hauling company, always communicate your needs and expectations. You have to make sure everything is discussed in detail and that your expectations are deliverable on time.

At Grading & Excavation, we manage a team that handles all hauling services. We deliver materials to your construction site. We even recommend where to buy best topsoil near me in Macon. We specialize both in residential and commercial hauling services. The materials that we normally deliver are dirt, gravel, rock, sand, and more.

If you have not found any trucking companies near me that you would like to hire, you can reach out to us at: (706) 222-1101 and we will be glad to help you out with any of your projects.

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    Topsoil Deliveries Near Me

    At Grading and Excavation, we have services that include topsoil deliveries. When you need to level a portion of a land  and or you have multiple large flowerbeds needing topsoil, we can surely pick up it up and have it delivered to you at the address provided. Just let us know when to pickup and we can schedule things right away for you.

    How to calculate cost of truck expense in a job for land clearing

    Depending on the scope of the task at hand, it may not be feasible to estimate the cost of your land clearing project in advance. However, there are some things you can do to get a head start. The most important is to do a bit of research into the cost of similar services in your area. A quick Internet search will yield plenty of results. You can also contact a local contractor to inquire about a quote. It’s best to know exactly what you are getting into before you shell out the big bucks.

    In general, a small or medium sized plot of land can be cleared in a single 8-hour workday. Larger plots will require more people and specialized equipment. For example, heavy duty equipment can easily add more than a hundred dollars per hour to your bottom line.

    There are many other factors to consider when estimating the cost of your land clearing project. Some of these factors include the size of the lot, the terrain, the quality of the soil and the type of debris to be removed. Additionally, the cost of labor will vary. While a two-acre parcel can be cleared in an afternoon, a three-acre piece of land will require more than twice the time and money. Lastly, the weather is another determinant of the cost of the job. Clearing land in southern Florida during hurricane season will be more expensive than doing the same task in the off-season.


    How many tons can a logging truck hold

    A logging truck is a large truck that is used to haul logs. The logs are usually freshly felled trees. It is important to understand how many tons a logging truck can carry before you purchase one.

    Logging trucks can vary in weight, depending on the size of the trees being hauled. In general, they can be 30,000 pounds or more. However, there are some specialized types of logging trucks, such as off-road trucks, which are not limited by the DOT weight limits.

    Some logging trucks can be equipped with multiple trailers. These can be used to haul logs that are 80 longs or longer. They also have larger bunks.

    A typical truck with a two-axle configuration weighs between 9 201 and 26 040 pounds. An empty semi-truck with an empty trailer weighs between 35 and 80 thousand pounds. This weight is subject to change on county roads.

    There are a variety of logging trucks, including a straight tri-axle truck, a semi-trailer truck, and an integrated flatbed. Depending on the type of job, a truck can be able to carry between twenty and fifty small logs. For larger logs, a semi-trailer can hold up to 5,000 board feet.

    The average truck load in 2006 was 16,036 tons. On average, 78 companies were operating newer log trucks. Each of these companies had an average of 5.1 days per week of operations. And, based on survey data, they drove 112.2 miles on round-trip loads.

    Sand Delivery Near Me

    At Grading and Excavation, we have services that include sand delivery. Every special project has unique special needs. Whether you’re building a large playground or sand volleyball court, we got you covered. We can deliver as much sand as you need. Just let us know when you need it and we will deliver.

    How many yards of broken concrete can a 14 yd dump truck carry

    If you’re working on a construction project and need to know how many yards of broken concrete a 14 yd dump truck can carry, then you’ve come to the right place. There are several factors that determine the number of cubic yards a dump truck can carry.

    One of the most important factors is the weight of the material that you are carrying. The weight of the load will vary depending on the type of material. For instance, dry gravel weighs about 2,800 pounds.

    You should also consider the amount of space that the material will take up. A longer bed will carry more material. This will also affect the overall costs.

    The size of the truck is an important factor in determining how many cubic yards a dump truck can carry. If you’re looking at a full size dumper, then you should expect to be able to get between seven and nine cubic yards. However, if you’re looking at a smaller dumper, you might only be able to get up to 1.5 to three yards.

    If you’re interested in knowing how many cubic yards a 14 yd dump truck can hold, then you can use a simple formula. To find the answer, you will need to determine the length, width, and depth of your dumper. All these measurements can then be converted into cubic feet.

    In addition to cubic feet, the other measurement to keep in mind is how much the materials will weigh. Depending on the material, a cubic yard can range from 400 pounds to a thousand pounds.


    How much does a dump truck load of gravel cost

    The question of how much does a dump truck load of gravel cost isn’t as simple as it may sound. The price depends on many factors, including the type of material being hauled and the size of the truck.

    Gravel can be purchased from a hardware store or wholesaler. The most common size is two inches, although larger stones can be purchased. You can use gravel as a driveway, on the sidewalk, or for the pavement. A truckload of gravel can weigh as much as twenty to thirty tons.

    One of the most practical ways to transport a large amount of gravel is to rent a dump truck. Most companies will deliver for free within five miles of the store. However, you’ll pay a small fee for each additional mile.

    Another trick is to purchase gravel in bulk. This will save you a little money and give you the most for your buck. But be sure to check the owner’s manual to make sure you’re getting the most out of your purchase.

    The average two-ton dump truck can fill eighty square yards. Larger trucks can hold up to fourteen tons of material.

    One of the largest costs is the labor required to load the truck. An experienced operator can do the job in less than thirty seconds.

    The cost of a truckload of gravel can range from around $100 to $200. Some suppliers offer discounts for large orders. If you’re in the market for gravel, you should get at least three quotes before making a final decision. If you’re still looking for best priced gravel near me and you need a truck to load them, we’ll be glad to assist you on this. Give us a call at: (706) 222-1101.

    Gravel Delivery Near Me

    At Grading and Excavation, we offer special services that include gravel delivery. Popular projects include soil erosion prevention, aquatic features, or just a plain gravel private road. In order to get these completed you need gravel delivery done. We can deliver gravel anywhere and we can spread this for you. If you’re needed gravel delivery, please don’t hesitate to call us at your earliest convenience. Our number is: (706) 222-1101